1. create new advertisement and edit it.
update your image library with some images,
for example:

2. return to main edit page and complete the
following fields:

3. create new paragraph. if you need to create
two paragraphs, click twice on the create new paragraph button.

4. enter text inside your paragraphs, and specify
general paragraph preferences for each paragraph,
or you may leave default values. use html tags assistance
to insert image inside one of your paragraphs if required.

5. before previewing your advertisement, make sure to press
modify button to save changes!!!

6. your advertisement will look like this:

7. public will be accessing your advertisement by clicking
on bunner image from the main page of volobuev.com:

8. after advertisement is modified and looks like you want it, -
return to main adds page, and click on "put online" link.
follow the prompts to bring your advertismenet online!

contact me if you have any questions or need extra assistance

good luck!

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