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personal details page for user w9fed:

profile updated on 17 Dec 2018
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photo updated on
12 May 2006
username: w9fed
first name: Daniel
family name: Nez
website: http://w9fed.gq
current location: united states, Pekin, IL
member since: 26 Apr 2006

date of birth: day:
sex: male
status: married
phone number/sms:
phone provider: Straight-Talk
icq number: not on record
yahoo id: not on record
msn id: not on record
aim id: not on record
odigo: not on record
irc details: not on record

I'm a Ham Radio Operator and work in Emergency Radio Communications, My callsign is W9FED. I build Antennas and test radios and programe PC's I also run a Amateur Radio Web site at www.w9fed.tk I'm also a retired Arch Bishop. No longer with the church.

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