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31 October 2020:from midnight until 23:18
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1goldrama in la piazza (171,983 bytes)12009-09-20
2goldrama in la piazza (168,591 bytes)12009-09-20
3goldrama in la piazza (153,871 bytes)12009-09-20
4goldrama in la piazza (216,264 bytes)12009-09-17
5goldrama in la piazza (211,353 bytes)12009-09-17
6awards dinner (764,908 bytes)12009-09-17
7goldrama in la piazza (228,316 bytes)12009-09-17
8goldramaclub.com in la piazza (172,960 bytes)12009-08-25
9goldramaclub.com in la piazza (123,691 bytes)12009-08-25
10goldramaclub.com in la piazza (146,187 bytes)12009-08-25