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22 October 2018:from midnight until 17:49
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1in the historical city (1,253,048 bytes)12007-12-24
2in the city (994,072 bytes)12007-12-03
3in the city (673,260 bytes)12007-12-03
4trip to adelaide: victor harbour (5,668,095 bytes)12006-10-14
5trip to adelaide: hotel (1,413,147 bytes)12006-10-14
6russian party (6,791,147 bytes)12006-05-14
7fishing with misha at barwon banks (2,246,707 bytes)12006-04-11
8water polo competition (1,147,438 bytes)12005-11-15
9russian party (227,549 bytes)12004-07-11
10russian party (145,012 bytes)12004-07-11