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14 December 2018:from midnight until 12:00
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1airport (898,209 bytes)12009-01-12
2second taxi ride (1,003,258 bytes)12009-01-12
3work - day 1 (784,532 bytes)12008-12-24
4relaxing before working week (862,048 bytes)12008-12-24
5appartment zoom in (873,764 bytes)12008-12-24
6getting ready for work (1,098,696 bytes)12008-12-24
7getting ready for work (976,820 bytes)12008-12-24
8arrival to appartment (795,840 bytes)12008-12-24
9arrival to appartment (1,318,420 bytes)12008-12-24
10after work outdoor party (746,036 bytes)12008-12-24